Ep 31 Scary Librarians!

Last week, I was at the hairdresser.  It’s a super friendly place, new for me,  and I was chatting with one of the young women who works there – she’s 19 years old. Since I’m a new client, she asked me what I did for a living. Of course, I...

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Ep 30 Librarians, the Solutions Are In the Stories!

Hello, Librarians! I’m so happy you’re joining me for today’s episode. Your continued listenership means so much to me. In this very short episode, I’m going to talk about the value of story. No, not the kind of stories we usually think of in libraries, but rather the kind our...

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Ep 28 Why I’m Glad I Went Back to Work in a Library

Hello Librarians!  Thanks for joining me again. I’m so happy to be bringing you a new episode. As I told you in my episode 27, Masterful Librarian is Back, I’ve returned to work in a library again. And those of you who have been listening to my podcasts are probably...

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Ep 26 Masterful Librarian Podcast Takes a Vacay!

Summer is in full swing and I know many of you – especially my school librarian listeners – are finally enjoying some well-deserved time away from work.   It’s been a tough year. If you’re a public librarian, you may be in your busiest time of year as Summer Reading Programs...

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Ep 25 Librarian, Follow Your Guidance System

Do any of these sound familiar to you? You create an important document for presentation to others. You’re pretty sure you need to make some changes, but use it anyway, only to receive the feedback that it needs those very changes. You have a significant problem at work.  You instinctively...

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Ep 24 How to Be a Good Enough Librarian

In this episode, I’m talking about good enough librarians – and how vitally important those people are. So if you often feel uninspired and fret over not having brilliant new ideas for you library programs and lessons, stick around. This episode is for you.

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"Marian, You have been such a great mentor and leader over the years, and it is wonderful to know you will be sharing your gifts with a much larger audience at a time when librarianship needs it most. We will all benefit from your experience and boldness."

Michael Kocurek